Thanks for checking out my 2019 synth preset pack!

I have assembled a collection of my favorite patches used in The Contortionist records and live shows. Although I have used much more than what is assembled here, these sounds are some of the most defining and identifiable tones I’ve developed over the years. My sound design and arranging process usually involves a mountain of FX tweaking and multi-tracking, so everything provided here is a boiled-down, essential 'starting point'. 


Please take note that, in some cases, these sounds have been slowly evolving over the course of three or four different recording sessions as well as every tour I have done with The Contortionist, and I didn’t care to save every single variation used on the fly, so things might sound a bit different when you first try them! To me, that is part of the fun and challenge of my role within the band, and as you flip through these, I’m sure you will notice some differences from the recordings, which I find are supremely helpful in learning how to create sounds on your own and understanding these synths.


As always, if anyone has any specific questions or wants to dig further into my production style, hit me up! This is truly nowhere near the complete picture: there is always more tone shaping going on after the synth, in the form of multi-tracking and inboard and outboard FX. Even though you’ll have the same building blocks in front of you, much of the actual character of the sound comes in this step, so take these as a starting point for experimentation.

Thanks; questions or feedback:


  • Keyboard and synth stems from The Contortionist 2017 LP Clairvoyant

  • 60+ synth presets for u-he DIVA, REPRO, DSI Mopho x4, Behringer Deepmind12, used for The Contortionist live and studio recordings.

  • Bonus "Pastichio Medley" mp3: A collection of short "proof of concept" demo sketches across many stylistic flavors. 




The Contortionist - [Keyboards]

Clairvoyant//Language//Intrinsic//Exoplanet (2016)

Nick Johnston - Wide Eyes in the Dark [Keys/Co-production]

Verlorerer - s/t [Keyboards]

Daath s/t [Keyboards] 

Last Chance to Reason - Level 3 [Keyboards]

Levi/Werstler - Avalanche of Worms [Keyboards]

From Exile - Monolith [Guitar/Keyboards/Co-production]

Hello Ocho - s/t - [Co-production]