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The Contortionist - [Keyboards]

Our Bones EP//Clairvoyant//Language//Intrinsic//Exoplanet (2016)

Nick Johnston - Wide Eyes in the Dark [Keys/Co-production]

Verlorener - s/t [Keyboards]

Daath s/t [Keyboards] 

Last Chance to Reason - Level 3 [Keyboards]

Levi/Werstler - Avalanche of Worms [Keyboards]

From Exile - Monolith [Guitar/Keyboards/Co-production]

Here's my spotify discography on a playlist.

Here is a youtube playlist with selected works.

Artist links are to the left.

Currently working on The Contortionist LP5.

More here soon regarding it and other releases.... for Zoom production workshops / scoring / session inquiries.

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